problem converting mailbox to maildir with doveadm

Kenneth Irving ken at
Sun Feb 5 14:31:38 UTC 2023

Hello. I have an email server for testing purposes, using postfix 3.5.17 
and dovecot 2.3.13.

Initially, I configured postfix to use mailboxes, but now I've changed it 
to maildir.

Emails arrive fine, and dovecot manages them well by pop3 or imap. No 
problems there.

But I still have a lot of emails in different mailboxes which I'd like to 
convert to maildir.

I found mb2md, which seems to do a pretty good job. Once the mailbox is 
converted, dovecot manages the emails without a problem.

But I also wanted to learn how to use doveadm to convert mailboxes to 
maildir format.

I read all the documentation I could find and tried to learn how this 
command works. I tried different combinations, but couldn't convert 
mailboxes to maildir. I always get error messages. I've been unable to 
understand why.

I tried to sync, backup, and import, to no avail. I also tried dsync, 
which seems to have a different syntax, with the same result.

Sorry for bothering you, but if you could explain to me how this command 
works, I'd be very grateful.

Example: I have a user, let's say joe, who has a mailbox in /var/mail/joe 
and I'd like to transfer those emails to /home/joe/Maildir

How do I use doveadm in this situation?

Best regards


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