Get correct subjects in summary but wrong article body after transitioning between servers

Steinar Bang sb at
Sat Feb 11 12:10:07 UTC 2023

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb at>:

> I am transitioning between servers (both debian 11.6 with dovecot
> 2.3.13) and I'm seeing some strange behaviour after the transition: it
> seems like dovecot is listing the correct subject for the test messages
> I'm sending in what's shown in my MUA's summary.

> But the body of the message is an old message.

The problem wasn't in dovecot.

The problem was in my MUA (gnus).

I tried a different MUA, thunderbird, and there I saw the same messages
as I saw in the Maildir on the server and I saw new messages appear and
be displayed correctly.

I used gnus with agent cache, and that cache didn't handle the server

Also gnus nnimap seems to be using the agent cache to fetch articles,
even with agent switched off for that server.

Stopping gnus, removing the agent cache for that server (in
~/News/agent/nnimap/) and restarting gnus, fixed the problem.

Sorry about the noise!

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