Error: Broken file dovecot-uidlist

Sohin Vyacheslav slawa at
Wed Feb 15 11:32:36 UTC 2023

Hi All,

In mail.log are exists error messages "Error: Broken file 
/data/mail/vhosts/ at 
line XX: Invalid data: for some email accounts.

For example,
dovecot-uidlist line 21197: Invalid data:

When I open line 21197 in editor:
# vim +21197 dovecot-uidlist
1750207 :1676454069.M698819P4439.mail-b,S=963716,W=976359

and then check this file size
# ls -l 
/data/mail/vhosts/ at,S=963716,W=976359:2,S
-rw------- 1 vmail vmail 963716 Feb 15 10:41

I see that size is the same: 963176 bytes. So what exactly mentioned in 
error message "dovecot-uidlist line 21197: Invalid data:"?

Best wishes
Sohin Vyacheslav

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