Hide local IP from non delivery notifications

Claudio Corvino ccorvino at trustitalia.it
Wed Feb 15 11:41:15 UTC 2023

Ok thanks for your answer but I have another question: if I reject the 
e-mail instead of sending the non delivery notification, how can a 
"good" user be notified of the fact that his e-mail was not delivered?


On 14/02/23 19:48, dovecot at ptld.com wrote:
>>> I have an external MTA configured with Postfix that delivers email 
>>> to an internal IMAP/LMTP
>>> Dovecot server configured to bind an LDAP to check if users exist.
>> You should have postfix do the checking for whether or not users exist
>> and then have postfix reject and deny the message.  Then you don't
>> care because the IP of the postfix server is almost certainly your MX 
>> server.
> Plus backscatter. Sending a fail notification back to the sender (vs 
> rejecting) puts your mail server at risk of sending spam to email 
> accounts that had their address forged. And thus maybe yoru server 
> being added to a spam blacklist.
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