NFS and performances

Marc Marc at
Wed Feb 15 15:22:25 UTC 2023

> I apologize in advance as you probably don't want to here this.

:) apology accepted!

> I have a replicated system and tried to use NFS to a file share server
> with dedicated gigabit links etc and my second replicated system.
> I have 300+ accounts and many have 20+ gig of data over 600+ folders,
> your setup seems larger.
> I spent 2 months trying to make this work reliably with nothing working
> out.
> that being said (and this IS NOT a dovecot thing) NFS simply will not
> work reliably especially in the environment that you seem to be using
> I went to local SDRAM drives on the second server and have had zero
> issues since.

Even a bit bigger setup would run ok on ceph. I have more or less default setup but have split up mailboxes on ssd and hdd, indexes on ssd. Although it is much slower than native performance. You have complete redundancy.

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