dovecot director how to obtain hashed

tomate aceite tomateaceite18 at
Thu Feb 16 11:45:16 UTC 2023

Morning again!  Working with my directors node.

Does anybody now how to obtain a list of all users hashes?

I know how to obtain for one user example:

*doveadm director status  user at domain*

I am looking to a way or command to take a list of hashed epired

(1)#: doveadm director status manolito at mydomain
> Current: 10.X.X.108 (expires 2023-02-17 12:17:59)
> Hashed: 10.X.X.108
> Initial config: 10.X.X.108

Where are stored the hashed ? To lock for the info , etc...

Thanks in advance!!!
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