"Timeout (180s) while waiting for lock for transaction log file" since 2.3 upgrade?

graeme vetterlein graeme.dovecot at vetterlein.com
Sun Feb 26 20:16:40 UTC 2023

This is an old thread (but still the best search match for the error 

Several other people pointed at NFS, so it got me to look.

Indeed what appear to happen (for me at least) was ....

The folders being imapped, some of them were on a NFSv3 mount. The NFS 
server had been shutdown.

The imap process appeared to hang (presumably trying to read from the 
defunct NFS mount point) this

held the lock , so other imap processes (possibly not using NFS) hung 
awaiting the lock.

The "fix" was to bing the NFS server back online ...and as it turned out 
restart a number of things

like autofs and dovecot (Normally NFS clients just carry on, so the 
timeout must have affected things)

My long-term fix came from:


Namely to add -soft in /etc/auto_master

This should cause a "fail" instead of a hang.



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