dovecot crash with Panic: file istream-header-filter.c: line 663

Patrick Mansfield patmans at
Sun Mar 12 20:31:31 UTC 2023

On Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 11:17:43AM -0700, Patrick Mansfield wrote:
> email client is fairemail version 1.2042a on android, but an older version had the same
> problem.
> I mainly use fairemail to read emails on my phone, and that is working fine but I noticed
> that deleted emails were not actually getting deleted, that it has a bunch of "pending
> operations" it has were not running, and that dovecot has been crashing like this since
> about feb 2 (over a month ago). I can't figure out what changed at that time, but my cert
> says it should have expired over a year ago, but the cert as created 26 months ago.
> log files only go back to Feb 5 so just missed that.
> I generated a new cert but it's still crashing (I probably still need to do something on
> the client side or my setup is broken).
> I assume there is something wrong or some "snapshot" thing that's stuck, but since it's
> crashing I can't figure out what the undelysing problem is.

Another thing I noticed:

I think I deleted all emails left in the "Trash" folder outside of imap on Feb 4 (using
mutt locally) - or that that folder was modified on Feb 4, that is also the same timestamp
as my ~/Mail/.imap directory, and is about the time I think it started crashing.

And that these were all dated Feb 4:

$ ls -ld ~/Mail/.imap ~/Mail/Trash ~/Mail/.imap/dovecot.list.index
drwx------. 118 patman patman    4096 Feb  4 09:29 /home/patman/Mail/.imap
-rw-------    1 patman patman   14696 Feb  4 09:11 /home/patman/Mail/.imap/dovecot.list.index
-rw-------    1 patman patman 1459841 Feb  4 09:11 /home/patman/Mail/Trash

-- Patrick

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