Can't seem to setup remote access to doveadmI'm using

dml at dml at
Sat Mar 18 02:22:34 UTC 2023

I’m running version 2.1.7 under Raspbian Wheezy (and have been for a number of years). I want to allow one of my other computers to remotely issue doveadm commands to my server but can’t seem to find the right way to add an inet listener to permit this.

Using ‘doveconf -a’ I’ve found the default service definition for doveadm-server. So I copied that and added it to the dovecot configuration with an inet listener section added to it. But that was rejected as a duplicate service definition when I restarted dovecot. I then tried specifying a “host:port” value for the doveadm_socket_path value but that didn’t work as no listening socket at that port appeared when I restarted dovecot.

I can’t seem to find in any of the dovecot documentation a way to do this and there seems to be nothing like a “Here’s how to setup doveadm remote access” section in the documentation (which would be most helpful).

How can I get doveadm-server to listen not only locally (as it’s already doing) but also open an inet port for remote access?

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