doveadm expunge unnecessarily tries to access TLS key

Jesper Dybdal jd-dovecot at
Mon Mar 27 16:03:13 UTC 2023

On 2023-03-27 16:31, Aki Tuomi wrote:
>> On 27/03/2023 16:42 EEST Jesper Dybdal <jd-dovecot at> wrote:
>> I have just upgraded my Debian Buster (Dovecot 2.3.4, I think it was) to
>> Bullseye (Dovecot 2.3.13).
>> The Dovecot server works fine, which of course is the really important
>> thing.
>> But I have a cron job that cleans up all old mail from the mailbox that
>> I use for my mobile phone by running "doveadm expunge" every night.
>> That worked fine in 2.3.4, but now it fails:
>>> jdmobile at nuser:~$ doveadm expunge  mailbox '*' before 25d
>>> doveconf: Fatal: Error in configuration file
>>> /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-ssl.conf line 23: ssl_cert: Can't open file
>>> /etc/letsencrypt/live/ Permission denied
>> Of course, doveadm cannot access the TLS key when running as a normal
>> user.  But why should it try to access that key at all when I have just
>> asked it to clean up my own files in my own Maildir?  Is there a way to
>> make it not try to access that key and do its job anyway?  Or another
>> way to delete old mail?
>> (I could give it a "-u jdmobile" option and run it as root - but I
>> really like to run things like that as a non-privileged user, so I won't
>> make a stupid mistake that destroys the wrong mailbox.)
>> Thanks,
>> Jesper
>> -- 
>> Jesper Dybdal
> Hi!
> This is a known issue, to work around it, use
> ssl=no
> !include_try conf.d/ssl.conf
> and put ssl=yes in ssl.conf along with your cert & key.
> then chmod it 0600.
> This is also fixed in 2.3.20.

Thank you very much!  The workaround seems to work just fine.



Jesper Dybdal

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