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One step further in my quest to create a replacement mail server.

I now have my old mail server (, macOS + MacPorts) and my new (2.3.20, Alpine Linux, Docker, apk package). When I turn on replication it works, but, after a while I see:

Jan 06 00:50:31 replicator: Panic: data stack: Out of memory when allocating 268435496 bytes
Jan 06 00:50:32 replicator: Fatal: master: service(replicator): child 133 killed with signal 6 (core dumped)
Jan 06 00:50:32 lmtp(pid 195 user sysbh): Warning: replication(sysbh): Sync failure:
Jan 06 00:50:32 lmtp(pid 195 user sysbh): Warning: replication(sysbh): Remote sent invalid input: -

I've removed synchronous operation for now (found a message on the net suggesting that) but is this known and what does it mean?

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Dovecot default memory limit is 256M. You should probably set

service replicator {
 vsz_limit = 2G

because replicator might have to use more memory, especially for larger indexes.


Coming back to this one. doveadm config says everything is vsz_limit = 18446744073709551615 B

Isn't that more than 2G already (nd certainly more than 256M?)?

I also tried putting

default_vsz_limit = 2G

in dovecot.conf but that doesn't change anything either.

What am I missing?