Hello, I'm trying to work through an issue that cropped up on a server I've been working on and haven't found a very good workaround.

Dovecot is operating in a jailed environment.

The configuration in dovecot-sql.conf.ext has been set appropriately with the host= (which works from a jailed environment) and when dovecot attempts to auth it appears to perform a reverse dns lookup and overwrites the host with the result localhost before using the msql credentials 'user'@'localhost' which then fails after timing out.

I'm currently running version of dovecot.

The workaround seems to be to have two credentials for the same user.
'user@'localhost' and 'user'@'';
postfix operates in a jail as well and works around the jail issue in the same way but doesn't overwrite the specified host with a reverse dns lookup.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this issue better? or maybe there's a way to force different behavior which I haven't yet found in the documentation?

Any help is much appreciated.

Best Regards.