Old News

Fri Jun 29 15:51:49 EEST 2018
Released v2.3.2. UPDATE: And v2.3.2.1.
Mon Jun 18 21:23:25 EEST 2018
Released v2.3.2 release candidate.
Wed May 23 16:08:08 EEST 2018
Released v2.2.36.
Mon Apr 30 17:11:53 EEST 2018
Released v2.2.36 release candidate.
Tue Mar 27 20:06:16 EEST 2018
Released v2.3.1.
Mon Mar 19 15:23:02 EET 2018
Released v2.2.35.
Wed Feb 28 23:24:04 EET 2018
Released v2.2.34 and v2.3.0.1.
Fri Dec 22 17:56:16 EET 2017
Released v2.3.0.
Mon Dec 18 17:24:04 EET 2017
Released v2.3.0 release candidate.
Tue Oct 10 18:29:24 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.33. UPDATE: And v2.2.33.1. And v2.2.33.2.
Thu Oct 5 20:44:32 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.33 release candidate.
Mon Jun 26 16:50:03 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.32.
Tue Aug 22 14:24:29 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.32 release candidate 2.
Tue Aug 15 23:50:35 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.32 release candidate.
Mon Jun 26 16:50:03 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.31.
Tue Jun 20 22:47:22 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.31 release candidate.
Tue May 30 21:17:50 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.30. UPDATE: And v2.2.30.1. and v2.2.30.2.
Wed May 24 18:02:57 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.30 release candidate.
Mon Apr 10 22:39:11 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.29. UPDATE: And v2.2.29.1.
Thu Apr 6 20:34:03 EEST 2017
Released v2.2.29 release candidate.
Fri Feb 24 15:35:55 EET 2017
Released v2.2.28.
Wed Feb 22 21:18:50 EET 2017
Released v2.2.28 release candidate 2.
Mon Feb 20 12:16:19 EET 2017
Released v2.2.28 release candidate.
Mon Jan 16 19:52:04 EET 2017
Dovecot source code was audited - sponsored by Mozilla. 3 minor issues were found.
Sat Dec 3 19:49:03 EET 2016
Released v2.2.27.
Wed Nov 30 00:48:35 EET 2016
Released v2.2.27 release candidate.
Thu Oct 27 16:07:42 EEST 2016
Released v2.2.26. UPDATE: and v2.2.26.0
Thu Oct 20 00:01:36 EEST 2016
Released v2.2.26 release candidate.
Fri Jul 1 17:37:23 EEST 2016
Released v2.2.25.
Thu Jun 30 15:52:17 EEST 2016
Released v2.2.25 release candidate.
Tue Apr 26 18:21:16 EEST 2016
Released v2.2.24.
Wed Mar 30 15:48:31 EEST 2016
Released v2.2.23.
Wed Mar 16 19:29:06 AEDT 2016
Released v2.2.22.
Fri Mar 4 15:42:19 EET 2016
Released v2.2.22 release candidate.
Fri Dec 11 19:11:20 EET 2015
Released v2.2.21.
Mon Dec 7 21:13:47 EET 2015
Released v2.2.20.
Thu Dec 3 15:53:05 EET 2015
Released v2.2.20 release candidate.
Fri Oct 2 19:11:56 EEST 2015
Released v2.2.19.
Wed Sep 23 16:30:44 EEST 2015
Released v2.2.19 release candidate. UPDATE: And RC2.
Fri May 15 14:12:25 EEST 2015
Released v2.2.18.
Wed May 13 21:37:57 EEST 2015
Released v2.2.17.
Sat May 9 20:42:18 EEST 2015
Released v2.2.17 release candidate. UPDATE: And RC2.
Thu Mar 19 12:22:44 EET 2015
As we continue to help customers migrate to world-class IMAP solutions for optimal email storage, our mission just got stronger as we have become a new family member of Open-Xchange.
Read press release on the merger with Open-Xchange AG.
UPDATE: PowerDNS merged to OX too!
Thu Mar 12 19:31:41 EET 2015
Released v2.2.16.
Fri Mar 6 17:53:48 EET 2015
Released v2.2.16 release candidate.
Fri Oct 24 21:11:41 PDT 2014
Released v2.2.15.
Tue Oct 14 09:55:01 PDT 2014
Released v2.2.14.
Sun May 11 22:38:26 EEST 2014
Released v2.2.13.
Fri Feb 14 06:48:29 JST 2014
Released v2.2.12.
Wed Feb 12 08:43:15 JST 2014
Released v2.2.11.
Fri Dec 20 05:07:24 EET 2013
Released v2.2.10.
Mon Nov 25 02:28:21 EET 2013
Released v2.2.9.
Tue Nov 19 23:23:46 EET 2013
Released v2.2.8.
Sun Nov 3 22:08:18 EET 2013
Released v2.2.7.
Wed Sep 25 10:10:48 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.6.
Mon Aug 5 23:04:03 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.5.
Tue Jul 2 22:49:30 EEST 2013
Debian Wheezy upgraders: See README.Debian (same as distributed with dovecot-core package) and the generic v2.0 upgrading instructions and v2.1 upgrading instructions. And most importantly start using wiki2 now, NOT wiki.dovecot.org.
Wed Jun 26 22:08:58 EEST 2013
Released v2.1.17.
Tue Jun 25 02:56:44 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.4.
Mon Jun 17 00:42:32 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.3.
Mon May 20 02:31:37 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.2.
Fri Apr 19 00:42:35 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.1.
Fri Apr 12 20:33:36 EEST 2013
Released v2.2.0.
Fri Apr 5 00:16:31 EEST 2013
Released v2.1.16 and v2.2.rc4. UPDATE: and v2.2.rc5 and v2.2.rc6 and v2.2.rc7.
Wed Mar 20 22:08:55 EET 2013
Released v2.2.rc3.
Mon Feb 25 17:47:53 EET 2013
Released v2.2.rc1 and v2.2.rc2.
Thu Feb 21 17:35:25 EET 2013
Released v2.2.beta2.
Fri Feb 8 15:09:12 EET 2013
Released v2.1.15.
Wed Jan 30 23:49:50 EET 2013
Released v2.1.14.
Mon Jan 7 12:33:18 EET 2013
Released v2.2.beta1.
Mon Jan 7 10:59:48 EET 2013
Released v2.1.13.
Thu Nov 29 08:44:56 EET 2012
Released v2.1.11 and v2.1.12.
Mon Oct 29 23:01:45 EET 2012
Released v2.2.alpha1.
Tue Sep 18 21:52:52 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.10.
Wed Aug 1 20:58:59 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.9.
Tue Jul 3 05:22:52 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.8.
Tue Jun 12 00:51:56 EEST 2012
Released v2.0.21.
Tue May 29 22:24:49 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.7.
Mon May 7 08:44:46 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.6.
Mon Apr 23 16:49:52 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.5.
Mon Apr 9 13:20:08 EEST 2012
Released v2.1.4 and v2.0.20.
Thu Mar 22 14:38:53 EET 2012
Red Hat/CentOS users: A recent kernel update causes Dovecot to start failing after it has reached 1000 child processes. To fix this, downgrade your kernel until Red Hat releases a fixed kernel.
Fri Mar 16 18:58:20 EET 2012
Released v2.1.3 to fix a v2.1.2 mdbox bug.


Thu Mar 15 16:54:36 EET 2012
Released v2.1.2 and v2.0.19.
Thu Feb 23 10:54:40 EET 2012
Released v2.1.1.
Thu Feb 16 19:07:32 EET 2012
Released v2.1.0.
Wed Feb 15 06:07:51 EET 2012
Released the 7th (and really the last?) v2.1 release candidate.
Sun Feb 12 23:01:39 EET 2012
Released the 6th (and last?) v2.1 release candidate and v2.0.18.
Thu Jan 26 01:02:34 EET 2012
Released the 5th v2.1 release candidate.
Wed Jan 18 16:13:37 EET 2012
You can now get 24/7 support for Dovecot via Dovecot Solutions Oy.
Fri Jan 6 18:40:24 EET 2012
Released the second v2.1 release candidate and v2.1.rc3 and v2.0.17.
Thu Nov 24 02:47:21 EET 2011
Released the first v2.1 release candidate.
Thu Nov 17 01:29:47 EET 2011
Released v2.0.16.
Wed Nov 9 00:35:59 EET 2011
Released the first v2.1 beta.
Fri Sep 16 17:10:10 EEST 2011
Released v2.0.15 and the second v2.1 alpha.
Thu Sep 1 12:28:07 EEST 2011
Released the first v2.1 alpha.
Mon Aug 29 07:16:19 EEST 2011
Released v2.0.14.
Wed May 11 18:51:31 EEST 2011
Released v2.0.13 and v1.2.17.
Fri Apr 29 23:23:52 EEST 2011
dovecot.org should be working pretty well now. Still a few changes left though.
Thu Apr 21 19:46:32 EEST 2011
The old dovecot.org server appears to have died. We're temporarily limping along for a few days probably.. See update.
Tue Apr 12 20:16:42 EEST 2011
Released v2.0.12.
Mon Mar 7 00:39:04 EET 2011
Released v2.0.11.
Fri Mar 4 21:10:32 EET 2011
Released v2.0.10.
Thu Jan 13 13:21:45 EET 2011
Released v2.0.9.
Fri Dec 3 19:50:49 WET 2010
Released v2.0.8.
Mon Nov 8 19:51:46 WET 2010
Released v1.2.16 and v2.0.7.
Thu Oct 21 19:14:26 WEST 2010
Released v2.0.6.
Fri Oct 1 22:30:38 WEST 2010
Released v1.2.15 and v2.0.5. See also details about the ACL merging bug.
Sun Sep 26 18:55:18 WEST 2010
Released v2.0.4.
Fri Sep 17 20:23:40 WEST 2010
Released v2.0.3.
Wed Sep 8 17:42:31 WEST 2010
Released v2.0.2.
Tue Aug 24 19:23:13 WEST 2010
Released v2.0.1.
Tue Aug 24 19:04:15 WEST 2010
Released v1.2.14.
Mon Aug 16 15:51:56 WEST 2010
Released v2.0.0. UPDATE: Yeah, configure still says "This is the UNSTABLE development branch". Just ignore it, it'll be gone in v2.0.1.
Fri Aug 13 19:29:37 WEST 2010
Released the sixth (and hopefully last) release candidate of v2.0.
Tue Aug 10 15:28:13 WEST 2010
Released the fifth release candidate of v2.0.
Wed Aug 4 20:35:54 WEST 2010
Released the fourth release candidate of v2.0.
Fri Jul 23 22:04:24 WEST 2010
Released v1.2.13.
Tue Jul 20 21:57:35 WEST 2010
Released the third release candidate of v2.0.
Fri Jul 9 23:15:05 WEST 2010
Released the second release candidate of v2.0.
Fri Jul 2 21:22:43 WEST 2010
Released the first release candidate of v2.0.
Fri Jun 18 23:20:13 WEST 2010
Released v1.2.12.
Sat Jun 12 01:00:59 WEST 2010
Released the sixth beta of v2.0.
Sun May 9 22:27:32 EEST 2010
Released the fifth beta of v2.0.
Mon Mar 22 02:11:55 EET 2010
Released the fourth (and final?) beta of v2.0.
Mon Mar 8 19:44:34 EET 2010
Released v1.2.11.
Sat Feb 20 19:03:48 EET 2010
Released the third beta of v2.0.
Fri Feb 19 16:24:14 EET 2010
Created Dovecot blog.
Sun Jan 31 20:50:21 EET 2010
Released the second beta of v2.0.
Mon Jan 25 01:40:08 EET 2010
Released v1.2.10.
Wed Dec 16 15:48:30 EST 2009
Released v1.2.9.
Sun Dec 13 22:12:41 EST 2009
Released the first beta of v2.0. UPDATE: Avoid using its LMTP server without patches from hg.
Thu Nov 19 19:45:58 EST 2009
Released v1.2.8 that fixes a security problem in v1.2 releases.
Mon Nov 9 21:44:02 EST 2009
Released v1.2.7 and v1.1.20.
Mon Oct 12 18:45:48 EDT 2009
Released the first v2.0 alpha.
Mon Oct 5 19:57:46 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.6.
Sun Sep 13 22:25:50 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.5 and v1.1.19. Be sure to upgrade also CMU Sieve if you're using it.
Sun Sep 13 20:15:07 EDT 2009
Security holes in CMU Sieve plugin. The new Dovecot Sieve plugin isn't affected.
Mon Aug 17 11:51:03 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.4. Be sure to check upgrade instructions.
Fri Aug 7 19:50:34 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.3. Be sure to check upgrade instructions.
Mon Jul 27 02:15:19 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.2. Be sure to check upgrade instructions. Also released v1.1.18. UPDATE: Solaris, AIX and maybe some other OSes require a build fix for v1.2.2.
Thu Jul 9 23:01:20 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.1. Be sure to check upgrade instructions. Also released v1.1.17.
Wed Jul 1 22:02:53 CEST 2009
Released v1.2.0. Be sure to check upgrade instructions.
Tue Jun 30 11:39:03 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.rc8.
Sat Jun 27 23:59:53 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.rc7.
Mon Jun 22 02:03:07 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.rc6. v1.2.0 should be out one week from now.
Thu Jun 4 18:41:13 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.rc5.
Mon Jun 1 01:50:22 EDT 2009
Released v1.1.16.
Sun May 17 22:15:13 EDT 2009
Released v1.1.15 and v1.2.rc4. This is hopefully the second last RC.
Thu Apr 16 22:46:50 EDT 2009
Released v1.1.14 and v1.2.rc3.
Fri Apr 3 14:11:14 EDT 2009
Released the first v1.2 release candidate. And the second one.
Wed Mar 25 16:02:04 EDT 2009
Released v1.2.beta4.
Wed Mar 18 17:42:10 EDT 2009
Released v1.1.13 and v1.2.beta3.
Fri Mar 13 18:59:20 EDT 2009
Released v1.1.12 and v1.2.beta2.
Tue Feb 10 19:30:07 EST 2009
Released v1.2.beta1.
Tue Feb 3 18:54:13 EST 2009
Released v1.1.11.
Mon Jan 26 19:33:01 EST 2009
Released v1.1.10.
Fri Jan 23 16:48:59 EST 2009
Released v1.1.9.
Wed Jan 7 15:46:03 EST 2009
Released v1.1.8.
Mon Nov 24 00:29:54 EET 2008
Released v1.1.7.
Thu Oct 30 00:25:52 EET 2008
Released v1.1.6.
Thu Oct 23 22:53:40 EEST 2008
Stephan Bosch released the first version of the new Sieve implementation for Dovecot v1.2.
Wed Oct 22 21:20:03 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.5 and v1.2.alpha3.
Sun Oct 5 20:14:56 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.4.
Fri Sep 5 20:50:55 EEST 2008
Released the first 1.2 alpha version.
Tue Sep 2 09:44:42 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.3.
Thu Jul 24 03:05:45 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.2.
Sun Jun 22 14:09:24 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.1.
Sat Jun 21 16:28:00 EEST 2008
Released v1.0.15.
Sat Jun 21 04:47:01 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.0. UPDATE: There are still some v1.0 upgrade issues with Maildir, v1.1.1 will follow soon. I'll wait a while though to see if there are other issues.
Fri Jun 20 12:26:19 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc13.
Thu Jun 19 13:07:56 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc12. v1.1.0 release still planned for tomorrow.
Thu Jun 19 01:50:38 EEST 2008
Released the last v1.1 release candidate.
Fri Jun 13 12:14:41 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc10. v1.1.0 will be released next Friday.
Tue Jun 3 01:16:06 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc8. Another try at the final v1.1 RC.
Mon Jun 2 23:43:28 EEST 2008
Released v1.0.14. This could well be the last v1.0 release.
Fri May 30 22:58:44 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc7. Fixes compiling problems with non-Linux OSes. Nothing else changed, so Linux users don't have to bother upgrading from rc6.
Fri May 30 03:39:35 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc6. Hopefully the last RC before v1.1.0.
Mon May 5 01:08:54 EEST 2008
Released v1.1.rc5.
Sat May 3 05:06:42 EEST 2008
If all goes well, Dovecot will have a multi-master replication support at the end of this summer. See the preliminary replication protocol design and milestone 1 plan.
Sun Mar 9 13:17:30 EET 2008
Released v1.1.rc4 fixing yet another security hole in v1.1 releases.
Sun Mar 16 20:30:29 EET 2008
I wrote about some development news since I'm probably going to be busy with school for next two months.
Sun Mar 9 13:17:30 EET 2008
Released v1.0.13 and v1.1.rc3 fixing a new security hole where users could log in without a valid password. This is different from the mail_extra_groups security hole found a week ago. Security holes seem to run in packs..
Sat Mar 8 06:10:12 EET 2008
Released v1.1.rc2.
Wed Mar 5 09:36:29 EET 2008
Released v1.0.12. Just a small fix to v1.0.11.
Tue Mar 4 08:38:09 EET 2008
Released v1.0.11. Fixes a common insecure mail_extra_groups setting usage. v1.1.rc2 will be released in a few days - if you need this fix already use the latest nightly snapshot.
Thu Feb 21 23:22:50 EET 2008
Released v1.1.rc1.
Sat Feb 16 16:50:00 EET 2008
Released v1.1.beta16. If all goes well, the first v1.1 release candidate will be released in a couple of days.
Mon Feb 11 22:03:49 EET 2008
Released v1.1.beta15.
Sun Jan 20 15:48:29 EET 2008
Released v1.1.beta14.
Sun Dec 30 07:02:58 EET 2007
Added a permanent roadmap web page.
Sun Dec 30 00:09:49 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta13.
Sat Dec 29 08:11:45 EET 2007
Released v1.0.10. Fixes a security hole using a very specific LDAP configuration. Also fixes some bugs caused by v1.0.8 and v1.0.9.
Sat Dec 22 06:36:32 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta12.
Tue Dec 11 21:02:13 EET 2007
Released v1.0.9. This release is mainly for mbox users.
Sun Dec 9 20:30:50 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta11. This should be the last beta release before the first v1.1 release candidate.
Thu Dec 6 16:17:41 EET 2007
v1.1.0 release is getting closer, so I wrote about Dovecot's roadmap plans.
Mon Dec 3 19:33:39 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta10. Contains the new full text search indexer.
Wed Nov 28 16:12:10 EET 2007
Released v1.0.8.
Mon Nov 26 13:27:16 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta9.
Sun Nov 11 19:16:06 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta8.
Thu Nov 8 04:50:56 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta7.
Fri Nov 2 19:14:50 EET 2007
Released v1.1.beta6.
Mon Oct 29 22:29:33 EET 2007
Released v1.0.7.
Sun Oct 28 03:17:24 EEST 2007
Released v1.0.6.
Sun Oct 28 02:52:49 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.beta5.
Tue Oct 23 17:07:25 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.beta4.
Tue Oct 16 20:23:32 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.beta3.
Sun Sep 30 23:32:22 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.beta2.
Sun Sep 23 16:56:57 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.beta1. We're now in a feature freeze.
Sun Sep 16 15:07:17 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.alpha6. Alpha5 of crashed at startup if both POP3 and IMAP weren't being used. v1.1.beta1 should arrive in a week or so, hopefully.
Sat Sep 15 17:19:05 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.alpha5. This should be close to beta quality.
Sun Sep 9 07:22:04 EEST 2007
Released v1.0.5. UPDATE: Note that the new "Connection closed: Broken pipe" messages in logs are normal. They used to be logged as "Disconnected" in earlier versions. v1.0.6 will log them as plain "Connection closed".
Sat Sep 8 04:12:10 EEST 2007
Released v1.1.alpha4.
Sat Sep 8 03:41:37 EEST 2007
Released v1.0.4.
Mon Aug 13 15:11:30 EEST 2007

Released v1.1.alpha3.

Tue Aug 7 15:29:49 EEST 2007

Released v1.1.alpha2.

Wed Aug 1 13:23:12 EEST 2007

Released v1.0.3.

Thu Jul 19 06:37:26 EEST 2007

Released v1.1.alpha1.

Sun Jul 15 10:16:23 EEST 2007

Released v1.0.2.

Fri Jun 15 19:53:33 EEST 2007

Released v1.0.1 with lots of small fixes.

Mon May 21 16:23:30 EEST 2007

Dovecot's v1.1 / summer development plans.

Fri Apr 13 15:00:09 EEST 2007

Released v1.0.0. Finally, after almost 5 years of development.

Thu Apr 12 20:25:24 EEST 2007

Released the 32th 1.0 release candidate. Changes dangerously close to v1.0, but can't help it. Fixes only some LDAP bugs and one convert plugin bug.

Sun Apr 8 12:14:47 EEST 2007

Released the 31th 1.0 release candidate. mbox + NFS combination shouldn't break anymore. v1.0 still planned to be released next friday.

Fri Apr 6 12:35:27 EEST 2007

Released the 30th 1.0 release candidate. Unless new bugs are found, there will be no more changes before v1.0. It should be released one week from now.

Fri Mar 30 18:07:44 EEST 2007

Released the 29th 1.0 release candidate. Fixes a security hole with zlib plugin. This release includes the wiki documentation. There will probably still be rc30, but the one after that is the final v1.0.

Fri Mar 23 22:56:04 EET 2007

Released the 28th 1.0 release candidate. A bit more fixes. v1.0 final should be released within a month.

Tue Mar 13 21:02:19 EET 2007

Released the 27th 1.0 release candidate. The RC naming came a bit too early (actually I messed up the version numbering 4 years ago already), but aside from missing documentation in the tarball, I think this release really is a proper release candidate. It has taken some time to do the v1.0 release, but it'll come soon and it'll be perfect. :)

Wed Mar 7 02:28:43 EET 2007

Released the 26th 1.0 release candidate. Most importantly fixes mbox problems in recent RCs.

Thu Mar 1 15:04:12 EET 2007

Released the 25th 1.0 release candidate. A few crashfixes and an mbox fix.

Thu Feb 22 20:48:47 EET 2007

Released the 24th 1.0 release candidate. PAM was eating CPU with rc23.

Tue Feb 20 14:10:15 EET 2007

Released the 23th 1.0 release candidate. Documentation is probably the only important thing left before v1.0.

Tue Feb 6 18:16:45 EET 2007

Released the 22th 1.0 release candidate. I'm optimistic again about v1.0 being released soon.

Fri Feb 2 16:18:49 EET 2007

Released the 21th 1.0 release candidate to fix one bug in rc20.

Fri Feb 2 15:05:56 EET 2007

Released the 20th 1.0 release candidate.

Tue Jan 23 18:32:03 EET 2007

Released the 19th 1.0 release candidate. ACL plugin wasn't working in rc18. Be sure to read rc18's release announcement also.

Mon Jan 22 18:36:17 EET 2007

Released the 18th 1.0 release candidate. I think we're finally quite near v1.0.

Sun Jan 7 09:29:53 EET 2007

Released the 17th 1.0 release candidate. MySQL authentication was a bit broken in rc16.

Fri Jan 5 17:41:12 EET 2007

Released the 16th 1.0 release candidate. A lot of fixes, some new features and some changed behavior. Please read the release announcement.

Sun Nov 19 01:46:01 EET 2006

Released the 15th 1.0 release candidate. Most importantly fixes a security hole with mmap_disable=yes. Also several assert-crashfixes.

Sun Nov 12 22:11:05 EET 2006

Released the 14th 1.0 release candidate. Won't be the last one.

Wed Nov 8 15:47:25 EET 2006

Released the 13th 1.0 release candidate. I'll just keep on making new releases now whenever something important is fixed. Hopefully there shouldn't be many left anymore.

Sun Nov 5 13:25:43 EET 2006

Released the 12th 1.0 release candidate. RC11 had compiling problems.

Sat Nov 4 23:28:14 EET 2006

Released the 11th 1.0 release candidate. Again hoping this to be the last one.

Mon Oct 16 02:38:11 EEST 2006

Released the tenth 1.0 release candidate. Hopefully one of the last before v1.0.

Sat Oct 14 03:11:52 EEST 2006

Released the ninth 1.0 release candidate. Still some things to do before final v1.0, but I think this release should fix the worst problems of recent releases.

Mon Oct 9 21:34:01 EEST 2006

Released the eighth 1.0 release candidate.

Sat Oct 7 20:46:06 EEST 2006

The server move is now complete. Everything should be working again as usual. Please send a mail if something is still broken. The server and the network connection was provided by Nebula, thanks.

Fri Oct 6 17:02:23 EEST 2006

dovecot.org will be moved to a new server in a new location sometimes tomorrow day/night (EEST, saturday). It'll be down temporarily so that I can get everything fully synchronized between the old and the new machines.

Thu Oct 5 21:27:59 EEST 2006

Looks like dovecot.org's hard disk is dying. A reboot fixed it this time, but hopefully I can get it moved to a new and better server soon. I actually had backups of most of the stuff though, so if it really had died completely it wouldn't have been a disaster :)

Fri Aug 18 01:23:19 EEST 2006

Released the seventh 1.0 release candidate.

Mon Aug 7 02:41:53 EEST 2006

Released the sixth 1.0 release candidate. This should finally take care of the SSL hangs that have caused so much trouble lately. So we should be near v1.0 again, I think..

Thu Aug 3 00:24:01 EEST 2006

Released the fifth 1.0 release candidate. I shouldn't have started releasing anything today.. This is what RC3 really should have been.

Wed Aug 2 22:49:31 EEST 2006

Released the fourth 1.0 release candidate. Fixes a small but nasty bug with Dovecot crashing when saving to mbox files.

Wed Aug 2 19:25:06 EEST 2006

Released the third 1.0 release candidate.

Tue Jul 4 20:58:21 EEST 2006

Released the second 1.0 release candidate.

Wed Jun 28 01:27:59 EEST 2006

Released the first 1.0 release candidate.

Tue Jun 13 19:17:27 EEST 2006

Released 1.0 beta9 version. Fixes a lot of different bugs, so it's a recommended update for everyone.

Fri May 12 12:30:17 EEST 2006

Released 1.0 beta8 version. Most importantly fixes a security hole with mboxes. Also several other fixes.

Wed Apr 12 14:54:25 EEST 2006

Released 1.0 beta7 version. Beta6 didn't really fix the authentication problem, this one does..

Wed Apr 12 11:07:58 EEST 2006

Released 1.0 beta6 version. Fixes several bugs, especially one related to authentication which got broken in beta4.

Tue Apr 4 11:39:39 EEST 2006

Released 1.0 beta5 version. Reverts the SSL code changes in beta4 which weren't working properly.

Sun Apr 2 20:24:31 EEST 2006

Released 1.0 beta4 version. ACLs, NFS fixes, Maildir++ quota and many more improvements and fixes.

Wed Feb 8 12:22:36 EET 2006

Released 1.0 beta3 version. Fixes several bugs here and there.

Sun Jan 22 21:51:09 EET 2006

Released 1.0 beta2 version. Mostly fixes a couple of more-or-less important bugs in beta1. Also remember that the 1000€ for the first security hole offer begins now.

Mon Jan 16 22:52:51 EET 2006

Released 1.0 beta1 version. Starting from this version I'm offering 1000€ for the first person to find a remotely exploitable security hole from Dovecot.

Sun Dec 11 00:37:25 EET 2005

Released 1.0 alpha5 version. Most importantly fixes a couple of crashes and several mbox bugs. Also contains beginnings of a new mailbox format named dbox.

Thu Oct 20 13:02:52 EEST 2005

Released 1.0 alpha4 version. Fixes a couple of important (although somewhat rare) problems with IMAP and POP3, so this is a highly recommended upgrade for 1.0alpha and 1.0test users.

Fri Sep 23 16:50:29 EEST 2005

Released 1.0 alpha3 version. This is the recommended Dovecot version to be used. It may of course still have some problems, that's why it's called an alpha.

Sun Sep 11 23:32:43 EEST 2005

Released 1.0 alpha2 version. This is the recommended Dovecot version to be used. It may of course still have some problems, that's why it's called an alpha.

Thu Aug 18 20:15:37 EEST 2005

Released 1.0 alpha1 version. This is now the recommended Dovecot version to be used. It may of course still have some problems, that's why it's called an alpha.

Fri Feb 11 20:33:30 EET 2005

Released 0.99.14 version. Most importantly some fixes for mbox code so it won't allow external mails to grow mail UID counter by sending X-UID headers. Several other fixes all around.

If you don't need support for keywords, it might be a better idea nowadays to use dovecot-stable branch instead of 0.99.x releases. More information about it in here.

Thu Jan 6 20:32:25 EET 2005

Released 0.99.13 version. Fixes SQL/LDAP authentication, adds CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism, etc.

For non-production use you may try 1.0-test releases. They are finally stabilizing and have entirely rewritten index file and mbox code.

Tue Dec 7 01:02:32 EET 2004

Released version. The only difference to 0.99.12 is that it now doesn't require GNU make to build.

Sun Dec 5 05:25:12 EET 2004

Released 0.99.12 version. Fixes various bugs.

Sat Sep 4 14:17:54 EEST 2004

Released 0.99.11 version. Fixes various bugs.

Sat Jul 31 03:08:23 EEST 2004

Released version. Just MySQL compilation fix and PostgreSQL reconnection fix.

Fri Jul 30 05:47:43 EEST 2004

Released version. Most importantly fixes BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE replies if mail had MIME parts that didn't have Content-Type header set. Also fixes MySQL and PostgreSQL support to reconnect to server if connection is lost.

Wed Jul 14 13:14:45 EEST 2004

Released version. Fixes Dovecot disconnecting client if it wasn't fast enough to download mail in 30 seconds. Also implements outlook-pop3-no-nuls workaround to fix Outlook/OE hanging if mails contain NUL characters.

1.0-test releases still break from time to time while I change things, but there doesn't seem to be any longstanding bugs left. First alpha releases aren't too far away.

Sun Jun 20 01:31:15 EEST 2004

Released version. Most importantly fixes crashes with maildir. Includes also a few new features.

1.0-test releases are beginning to look good too. I'm finally using them myself with mbox. The new mbox code is fast.

Thu May 27 18:31:40 EEST 2004

Released version. Most importantly fixes mbox corruption in certain situations, hopefully it was the only one. Fixes other non-mbox problems as well, so this is a recommended upgrade. Only new feature is MySQL authentication.

1.0-test releases haven't stabilized as fast as I've hoped, it may still take a while to get v1.0 released..

Mon Apr 26 15:58:00 EEST 2004

Dovecot is far from dead. I've just been slowly and quietly working with index file code rewrite, which has taken a long time. The end result however is that it will be faster, easy to use with NFS/clusters, works extremely well with shared mailboxes with lots of users, etc.

I've released the first test version of it. Just remember that it's only a very early test version which might break badly and delete all your mail (NOTE: and I'm only talking about 1.0-test releases here, not 0.99.x which you can get from download page). Also see the release announcement.

We also have a logo now, thanks to Olli Rajala from Anima Vitae.

Mon Nov 24 21:26:30 EET 2003

Released A few more bugfixes. UPDATE: and

Mon Nov 10 20:54:43 EET 2003

Released It's basically 0.99.10 release with several bugfixes backported from CVS. UPDATE: released to fix one more bug.

Sat Sep 13 04:56:08 EEST 2003

Added Dovecot Wiki. Feel free to update it :)

Thu Jun 26 19:22:06 EEST 2003

0.99.10 released. Faster and better maildir synchronization. Support for read-only mailboxes. ANONYMOUS SASL support. OpenSSL fixes. Lots of smaller fixes. Default PAM service name also changed from "imap" to "dovecot". See beginning of NEWS file. UPDATE: Searching address fields can crash sometimes, this patch fixes. Auth process crashes if user doesn't have home directory set, this patch fixes. Some BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE replies missed data for message/rfc822 MIME parts causing clients to break, this patch fixes. Some partial BODY[part] fetches may have returned data incorrectly, this patch fixes.

Sat May 3 21:48:37 EEST 2003 released. A few bugfixes. UPDATE: Some FreeBSD systems fail at startup if SSL is disabled, this patch fixes. Another patch may fix some mail fetching corruption with CR+LF linefeeds.

Mon Apr 28 19:37:59 EEST 2003

0.99.9 released. Faster mbox updating, PostgreSQL authentication support, permanently stored UIDs outside index files and lots of bugfixes. Because of the large mbox code changes, you might want to backup your mboxes just in case. UPDATE: It doesn't compile with OpenBSD, this patch fixes.

Tue Apr 15 16:49:45 EEST 2003

You can get 0.99.9-test releases from here. Note that they're still somewhat buggy, especially maildir seems to have problems. It includes code to support permanently saved message UIDs for both mbox and maildir in NFS-safe storage. Previously they were stored only in index files. mbox rewriting is also more optimized, it shouldn't anymore rewrite the whole file if message flags were updated from beginning of file.

Tue Mar 11 23:12:34 EET 2003

Since I couldn't get 0.99.9 out as soon as I thought, I decided to now put out bugfix-patched 0.99.8 and call it It fixes several crashes and buggy behaviour. UPDATE: Renaming subfolders is still buggy with maildir, this patch fixes. Partial body fetches are buggy, this patch fixes. Using LITERAL+ with APPEND (done by eg. Mozilla) was somewhat broken, this patch fixes. Subfolders had some problems with Maildir, this patch fixes.

Tue Feb 25 23:18:56 EET 2003

0.99.8 released. If you're upgrading, there's a few changes that you must be aware of - read the beginning of NEWS file. New features include a small POP3 server, LDAP authentication, support for LITERAL+, MULTIAPPEND, UNSELECT, IDLE, CHILDREN and LISTEXT IMAP extensions. Also fixes the message flag update problems when copying messages with mbox. UPDATE: There's some quoting problems with ENVELOPE and BODYSTRUCTURE replies, this patch fixes (they may already be cached in indexes, so delete .imap.index* files if it doesn't help).

Tue Feb 4 05:28:44 EET 2003

0.99.8-test1 released. It seems to be working, but I'd still be careful with it. This release contains POP3 server. It has also half-working LDAP support which will be finished for the next real release. I'm also hoping to get some SQL support for it. UPDATE: test4 out, LDAP should fully work now. UPDATE: test10 out, this should be same as final, assuming I don't find any problems.

Tue Jan 14 15:28:30 EET 2003

Released 0.99.7. Broken hash table code in .6 caused various problems (but of course none happened to me with the 2 days testing period..). UPDATE: vpopmail support doesn't compile, this patch fixes. PLAIN authentication is broken, mostly a problem with Pine, this patch fixes.

Tue Jan 14 00:03:57 EET 2003

Released 0.99.6. Supports THREAD extension! Now we should finally be able to fully work with IMAP webmails. Contains also quite a lot of bugfixes, as usual..

Sat Jan 11 22:21:33 EET 2003

0.99.6rc3 out, supports THREAD extension! SORT extension works much faster too now. Go try if it works with your favourite IMAP webmail.

Tue Jan 7 01:30:38 EET 2003

0.99.6rc2 out, rc1 didn't even compile.

Mon Jan 6 22:35:03 EET 2003

Released 0.99.6 release candidate 1. Fixes a few nasty bugs.

Thu Jan 2 16:01:18 EET 2003

Released 0.99.5. Includes many bugfixes and support for SORT extension.

Fri Dec 27 18:06:04 EET 2002

Released 0.99.5rc2. Just a few more fixes. If this works with gcc/powerpc, it should be pretty much the final release.

Sun Dec 22 20:26:58 EET 2002

Released 0.99.5 release candidate. Don't yet put into production, but testing would be fine. See release notes.

Sun Dec 1 18:39:42 EET 2002

0.99.4 released, fixes a few nasty bugs. I'd say this is the first release that could be considered almost "stable". There's no more "weird bugs" that I know of.

Wed Nov 27 00:04:20 EET 2002

0.99.3 released, fixes the mbox EXPUNGE corruption. Strange, I had been using Dovecot for days without noticing this. Guess I'll always delete only the most recent mails which didn't trigger the bug..

Tue Nov 26 23:00:00 EET 2002

0.99.2 released. Still more compiling fixes, one locking related bugfix (which I forgot to mention in changelog), and quite a lot of code cleanups. UPDATE: There's still something wrong with mbox and expunging messages - 0.99.3 probably out soon again..

Mon Nov 25 12:53:41 EET 2002

0.99.1 released. Fixes a few compiling issues, includes a few missing docs and a script to easily generate a self-signed SSL certificate.

UPDATE: vpopmail authentication still wasn't working right because it's library is buggy. Here's a kludgy patch to fix it, also includes a fix to make sure anything written to stdout (where vpopmail might write too) goes to /dev/null.

Sun Nov 24 19:39:31 EET 2002

0.99.0 released. All the major features planned for 1.0 are done now. This release replaces hash index file with binary tree file making dovecot perform better in certain conditions, especially with huge mailboxes. Other new features include support for SEARCH CHARSET, OpenSSL as alternative to GNUTLS, safe mbox locking and lots of smaller things, see the NEWS file.

Tue Oct 8 03:42:50 EEST 2002

I did some benchmarks today with a huge mailbox, mostly to test Dovecot's new binary tree indexing, which does make it perform excellently in all situations. I compared it against UW-imapd, Cyrus and Courier. Dovecot performs quite well against them, but for some reason loses in raw I/O speed. Also Dovecot+mbox still needs more optimizations to be as fast as UW-imapd. Note that this benchmark doesn't reflect any real world situation, but I think it shows quite well how IMAP servers scale. UPDATE: the I/O speed differences were caused by filesystem. When I began using the same mail files as Cyrus, BODY.PEEK[] got down to 1:41, easily beating Cyrus' 2:25.

Sun Oct 6 00:29:12 EEST 2002

0.98.4 released. Two bugfixes: BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE returned invalid data with message/rfc822 content and messages larger than 256k missed sending CR in some situations causing breakage. Also some fixes to make it compile with HP/UX ANSI C compiler. Next release will contain new binary tree code which should make Dovecot much faster in some situations, especially with large mailboxes.

Tue Oct 1 00:25:47 EEST 2002

0.98.3 released. Just noticed a nasty bug with BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE replies which had been crashing my Evolution (thought it was just because I was running the 1.2 beta).. (UPDATE: well, actually there's still one bug with embedded message/rfc822 mails, if anyone wants that fixed I'll release .4)

Mon Sep 30 23:37:48 EEST 2002

0.98.2 released. Most importantly mbox fixes, desync fixes with multiple clients and SEARCH ignored all but first argument.

Tue Sep 24 19:52:54 EEST 2002

0.98.1 released. Guess I should have waited one more day before releasing 0.98 :) This fixes a few mbox problems and should finally make it safe to use. Also fixes a bug of not allowing to save mail larger than 8kB.

Mon Sep 23 20:25:21 EEST 2002

0.98 released. This release includes LOTS of bugfixes after almost 4 weeks of actual use. We've mostly tested with Outlook 2000, Outlook Express 6 and Evolution 1.0.8. I haven't heard of a single bug in maildir for several days, and mbox worked quite well first time today :)

New features include vpopmail authentication, ability to run properly when there's no disk space left to allow user to delete mail, and full support for mbox.

Thu Sep 5 19:43:21 EEST 2002

Just a small status update: Until recently I had been using Dovecot mostly as read-only. Now that we actually began using it for sending mails, a bit too many bugs were found :) I think most of them (or worst of them) are now fixed in CVS. Next release should come after I've fixed all the known problems so far and seen no bugs for a few days.

Thu Aug 29 03:03:08 EEST 2002

v0.97 released. This is a major cleanup release. My near future goal is to make it impossible to crash Dovecot no matter what you did (not counting the bugs ;). This release also adds support for files larger than 2GB with Linux and Solaris. Also mbox support seems to work quite well now, except messages can't be deleted and message flags aren't stored into the mbox file itself (ie. dovecot sees the changes, but other MUAs don't).

Thu Aug 8 18:47:46 EEST 2002

v0.96 released. This release actually seems to work :) Added support for STARTTLS and custom message flags.

Wed Jul 31 22:46:23 EEST 2002

v0.95 released. Added support for SSL and DIGEST-MD5.

Mon Jul 29 04:48:13 EEST 2002

v0.94 released. Several bugs were found and fixed after I tried to run it with Solaris 8. Supports now also running as non-root, if you just can get imap-auth to authenticate yourself without them.

Mon Jul 29 00:30:26 EEST 2002

Fourth release, with "alpha" status this time.

Sat Jul 27 23:55:14 EEST 2002

And a third release, messages can be deleted with maildir and Date-field parser is implemented.

Sat Jul 27 18:14:36 EEST 2002

Second developers release, user authentication actually works now. At least with shadow files, not sure about PAM.

Wed Jul 24 11:13:20 EEST 2002

I think I figured out an ideal solution for the authentication problems. See design.txt, all comments welcome. Updated other parts of it as well.