[Dovecot-news] Dovecot v2.3.9.3 released

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at dovecot.fi
Wed Feb 12 14:04:52 EET 2020

We are pleased to release v2.3.9.3 of Dovecot. Please find it from
locations below

Binary packages in https://repo.dovecot.org/
Docker images in https://hub.docker.com/r/dovecot/dovecot


v2.3.9.3 2019-02-12  Aki Tuomi <aki.tuomi at open-xchange.com>

    * CVE-2020-7046: Truncated UTF-8 can be used to DoS
      submission-login and lmtp processes.
    * CVE-2020-7957: Specially crafted mail can crash snippet generation.

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