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Guillermo Llenas guillermo.llenas at team.ar.inter.net
Tue Aug 2 17:55:03 EEST 2005

Chris Wakelin wrote:

>I think ... /%d/%1u/%1.1u/%n ... should work.
>>From docs/variables.txt :-
>You can take a substring of the variable by giving optional offset
>followed by '.' and width after the '%' character. For example %2u gives
>first two characters of the username. %2.1u gives third character of the
>username. If offset points outside the value, empty string is returned.
>So by my reading, "%1u" is the same as "%0.1u", "%2u" is "%0.2u" and you
>want "%1.1u"!
>Best Wishes,

    Thanks for your help Chris,

                I was testing dovecot-0.99.14 and didn't work out. Now I 
'll try dovecot-1.0-test79 in order to see what happens.

    Best Regards,

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