[Dovecot] Corrupted index file

Frank Hart hart at opensystems.nl
Wed Feb 9 23:01:27 EET 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 02:55:51PM -0500, Michael Baird wrote:
> Frank, exactly the same thing happened to me. Last week I tried to
> migrate over to dovecot, from courier-imap for all the reasons you
> mentioned, I ran into the Corrupted index file issue and had to cut back
> to courier-imap. I am using dovecot for maildir as it appears you are,
> however I specified an outside directory for index files (/var/indexes).
> I have a few thousand people using my webmail/imap system so this issue
> quickly became a big issue after the cutover.
> Regards
> Michale Baird

It was probably my own fault. Timo Sirainen noticed Edgardo Pezoa was
using MH style filenames. And I did the same thing. My main inbox
configured in procmail was $HOME/Maildir/new and it should be
$HOME/Maildir/ (notice the slash at the end). Now, new mails have
filenames such as  1107960126.14681_2.hive:2, instead of msg.uC:2,S. I
never had this problem with courier so I didn't thought it could be a
configuration error.

Thanks everyone for the help.

Timo's mail:

make install, not war

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