[Dovecot] alpha4 - Unknown passdb driver 'pam'

Arnaud Limbourg arnaud at limbourg.com
Tue Oct 25 08:02:07 EEST 2005

Willem Riede wrote:
> Does anybody see this?
> Oct 24 19:41:44 athena dovecot: Dovecot v1.0.alpha4 starting up
> Oct 24 19:41:45 athena dovecot: Auth process died too early - shutting down
> Oct 24 19:41:45 athena dovecot: auth(default): Unknown passdb driver 'pam'
> Oct 24 19:41:45 athena dovecot: child 3374 (auth) returned error 89
> This is on Fedora FC5-devel x86_64 (opteron), which is certainly pam based.
> FWIW, if I switch to passwd dovecot alph4 runs fine (so far).

I had this error yesterday after I installed alpha 4 and found out
dovecot was compiled without pam support.



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