[Dovecot] moving public folders to private Trash

Fintec mailing_list at fintec.co.nz
Wed Nov 1 00:01:46 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 09:58 -0700, Mark Nienberg wrote:
> Using Thunderbird against dovecot beta9:
> If a user has Thunderbird configured to move deleted messages into a Trash folder, 
> then the user cannot delete folders in a public namespace.  There is no problem 
> deleting messages.
> Thunderbird says:
> "The current command did not succeed.  The mail server responded: Can't rename 
> mailbox to another storage type."
> All mailboxes (public and private) are maildir format.
> Users can successfully delete folders from their own private areas, and the folders 
> then appear as subfolders of the Trash folder.
> Also, users can reconfigure Thunderbird to delete messages immediately instead of 
> moving them to trash and then successfully remove public folders.
> Also, users can move public folders within the public namespace.  So I think the 
> problem boils down to the inability to move a folder from a public namespace to a 
> private one, which is what happens when Thunderbird is configured to move deleted 
> messages to a Trash folder.
> Mark Nienberg

I have the same problem with dovecot rc10 and Thunderbird Apart
from changing the users settings to delete messages immediately has
anyone found a solution to this problem?


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