[Dovecot] mbox sync: Expunged message reappeared in mailbox

Jim Garrison jhg at jhmg.net
Fri Nov 3 18:55:01 UTC 2006

I just saw this message also:

> dovecot: Nov 03 10:35:59 Error: POP3(joyce at jhmg.net): mbox sync:
> UID inserted in the middle of mailbox
> /var/mail/vhosts/jhmg.net/joyce (1603 > 1595, seq=2, idx_msgs=9)
Does (1603 > 1595) refer to line numbers in the file?

Jim Garrison wrote:
> Starting at 05:32 this morning, one user on my dovecot server is
> receiving hundreds of copies of old email.  This is a short excerpt
> from my dovecot.log showing the problem:

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