[Dovecot] Sending email using IMAP

/dev/rob0 rob0 at gmx.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 19:57:29 UTC 2006

On Friday 03 November 2006 13:00, Marc Perkel wrote:
> >> IMAP requires a password. SMTP it's optional.
> >
> > Not at the University of Minnesota.
> > We require ESMTP STARTTLS/AUTH over the standard mail submission
> > port (587).
> OK - but the rest of the world varies from what the University of
> Minnesota does.

This is absurd. Any responsible mail server will require some form of 
control over the clients it allows to relay. If yours does not, please 
see http://www.ordb.org/submit/ .

Yes, you might choose to allow unauthenticated relaying for clients in 
netblocks under your direct control. But that is also reasonable, since 
when you get an abuse report you can immediately cut off the relaying 

It's a well-established best practice now to require SMTP AUTH for 
relaying. Every mail server I have set up or currently administer is 
exactly like what Steven describes. ISTM that the U. of Minnesota is 
quite in the mainstream.

> >> I think that consumer SMTP
> >> should be replaced with not only something that requires a
> >> password, but that the user has to log into the account that they
> >> are sending email from.

FWIW, I think it has been replaced. If I were to authenticate to send 
through GMX, they would not allow me to use a different sender address. 
Probably all major freemail providers, and many ISPs, are already doing 

> > Not necessary -- configure your mail server to match your policy
> > requirements.
> Yes but it's optional. I've done it that way but others don't.

Everyone is (or should be, sigh) responsible for abuse that comes from 
their networks.

> But with outgoing IMAP you wouldn't have to configure outgoing email
> at all.

You'd simply have to create a new standard and get most server and 
client software to implement it. Piece of cake. :)

> But I think if we tightend up the spec some we could eliminate most
> spam.

Many talented people have worked tirelessly to find one, but alas,  
there is no FUSSP in sight.
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