[Dovecot] Large LDAP changes - testing needed

J.M. Maurer mmaurer at betterbe.com
Sun Nov 5 21:50:37 UTC 2006

> > I understand this change was to fix an existing bug, but it sounds like
> > the change was far more than a simple bug fix. Major code rewrites,
> > especially without any testing, don't seem right at this stage in the game.
> In general I agree, but there wasn't any simple fix for this bug, except
> to just tell people that auth_bind sort of works but not really. And
> since so many people have wanted auth binds for a long time, I think
> it's better to fix it now than to hear complains about it for a long
> time.

Did I miss something here? I did read some
"maybe-there-is-a-memleak-issue" reports, but other than that, I saw no
auth_bind related issues. We ourselves use it quite heavily in
production environments with no problems whatsoever.


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