[Dovecot] 45second delays on log in

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Nov 14 14:40:27 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 17:19 +1100, Ben Marsh wrote:
> We have our own auth mechanism.  This auth mechanism is the same used  
> across our other products and we haven't had the same delays with the  
> other products.  From the information in the various log files the  
> auth mechanism responds almost instantaneously but it still takes a  
> long time for
> 1 OK Logged in.

Internally it works like this:

1) Login process sends auth request to auth process and waits for a
reply. Apparently this works fast for you.
2) The client's fd is sent to master process, which again asks auth
process for the userdb information.
3) A new IMAP process is forked, and the fd is moved there.
4) IMAP process writes the "OK Logged in." after it has initialized its

Best way to debug this would be to add some debugging lines to show at
which point the delay is.

> All the mailboxes are stored over NFS. I have taken the step of  
> moving the INDEXES from NFS to a local hard drive using

I don't think any of this should matter, since the "OK Logged in" is
sent before any mailbox is opened.

> imap-login: Master sent reply with unknown tag 18

I fixed this in rc14. It only happened if the client was disconnected
while it was waiting for a "OK" reply from master. So I guess the long
delay is related to master process not getting a userdb reply fast
enough, or master process getting stuck somewhere for a long time.
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