[Dovecot] Dovecot/Postfix SASL problem

me at mooluv.com me at mooluv.com
Wed Nov 15 14:17:40 UTC 2006

> On Tuesday November 14, 2006 at 04:27:25 (PM) Tomislav Filipèiæ wrote:
>> Hi. I'm trying to get Dovecot - Postfix - SASL to work. But I need some
>> help.
>> mail logs:
>> -------------
>> Nov 14 22:21:38 [postfix/smtpd] connect from
>> 83-131-68-11.adsl.net.t-com.hr[]
>> Nov 14 22:22:24 [dovecot] auth(default): client in:
>> AUTH_1_PLAIN_service=smtp_resp=bmFddAc0b2pvAHRvam8=
>> Nov 14 22:22:24 [dovecot] auth(default): passdb(najt,master): Attempted
>> master login with no master passdbs
>> Nov 14 22:22:25 [dovecot] auth(default): client out: FAIL_1_user=tojo
>> Nov 14 22:22:25 [postfix/smtpd] warning:
>> 83-131-68-11.adsl.net.t-com.hr[]: SASL PLAIN authentication
>> failed:
> You might want to post this on the Postfix forum:
>      List-Subscribe: <mailto:majordomo at postfix.org>
> This is really a Postfix, not a Dovecot problem. By the way, I use SASL
> - Dovcot - Postfix without any problems. My main.cf file does not
> resemble yours however. At the very least, you should have posted the
> output of 'postconf -n' so we could see exactly what you are referring
> to. The Postfix forum will require that at a minimum. It would also be a
> good idea to list the OS that you are working with. I am only familiar
> with FreeBSD myself.

Actually this has nothing to do with postfix.  As you can see by the log
entry I hilited with *'s there is no master password configured for the
user that is being tested.  This causes a failure to authenticate which is
honestly reported back to postfix.

I would suggest getting rid of the master password config or using a
non-master user for testing until you get that portion working.  Then
start debugging with master passwords enabled again.


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