[Dovecot] RAID benchmarks

Ethan Sommer sommere at gac.edu
Tue Nov 21 13:45:49 UTC 2006

I created 3 mirrors of 2 drives and then striped them.

I will attempt to do the benchmark again by setting the level to 10.

Are you suggesting that you would expect performance to bet better or 
worse with linux's raid 10 with 2 mirrors and an even number of drives?

Christian Balzer wrote:
> Ethan Sommer wrote:
> [various RAID benchmark results]
> Which RAID10 where you using exactly, RAID1+0 or the native Linux
> MD RAID10 format?
> (see "man md" or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID#Linux_MD_RAID_10 )
> Because using the far (or offset) layout will quite dramatically 
> influence the results.
> Regards,
> Christian Balzer

Ethan Sommer
Systems Administrator
Gustavus Adolphus College
sommere at gac.edu

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