[Dovecot] Two email accounts writing to one nfs shared home directory

John McDonald johnmcd at cs.nuim.ie
Thu Nov 23 17:55:43 UTC 2006

I use dovecot as a local imap server on my desktop machine due to the
fact that my workplace only support POP3. I use fetchmail to pop,
postfix to deliver, and dovecot for client access. At present I have a
single email account which is the same as my system login and have
postfix and dovecot setup to use ~/Maildir. The home directories on our
system are served from a central file system, using nfs, which has full
backup/disaster recovery policy implemented.

I now need to setup a second separate email account for a specific task.
Our sysadmins have setup this account for me on the POP3 server. The
problem is that this account does not have a home directory on our
system and therefore I can't write to ~/Maildir.

What I would like to do is setup the same type of system for this second
account without necessitating the creation of a home directory. That is,
I would like a second Maildir folder in my own user account to which
this second email account's messages are delivered. This way I will have
full backup of the messages.

What is the most straightforward way of achieving this? (or can it be
done at all?)

Thanks for the help.

John McDonald.

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