[Dovecot] dovecont.conf and "Evolution Mail" configuration

maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es
Fri Nov 24 15:34:05 UTC 2006

> Please....I am lost completly!! Could anyone help me to solve the 
> question of how can I configure the mail in my linux machine....
> The scenarious is that this linux machine with red had enterprise 
> linux 4 receives mail from another machine via sendmail. This mail is 
> saved into /var/spool/mail/ directori, the user is webmaster.
> But I want that the mails into /var/spool/mail/webmaster are sended to 
> the "evolution mail" via pop protocol.
> Any idea?
> If you could weaste some time with me, I be very gratefully for it!!
> Thanks a lot,
> Maria
> maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es escribió:
>> Hello people!!
>> First, thanks very much to Ejay Hire and to John Peacock for your 
>> quickly answer!!
>> Now, I've dovecot installed, I downloaded the source and I compiled 
>> them. It's running ok now.
>> But.....as I am new in all these issues I have some problems with the 
>> configuration.
>> I have a user called "webmaster" that have a mail into 
>> /var/spool/mail, I want to redirect these mails to the "Evolution 
>> Mail" program from my Linux Desktop.
>> I have doubts in two ways:
>> 1.- Is the dovecot.conf file correct?
>> 2.- Are the "Evolution Mail" setting correct?
>> Evolution Account Settings:
>> Name: webmaster at bar.ses.alcatel.es
>> Full Name: webmaster
>> Email Address: webmaster at bar.ses.alcatel.es
>> Server Type: POP
>> Host:
>> Username: webmaster
>> Server Type: SMTP
>> Server Configuration:

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