[Dovecot] dovecont.conf and "Evolution Mail" configuration

Ivan Arteaga iarteaga at cwpanama.net
Fri Nov 24 16:32:54 UTC 2006

Hi Maria,

I think if you're using sendmail as mta in the linux box you can use
virtusertable in order to forward the incoming mail from one user to another
one, even an external mail. 
Hope this helps,


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> Please....I am lost completly!! Could anyone help me to solve the 
> question of how can I configure the mail in my linux machine....
> The scenarious is that this linux machine with red had enterprise 
> linux 4 receives mail from another machine via sendmail. This mail is 
> saved into /var/spool/mail/ directori, the user is webmaster.
> But I want that the mails into /var/spool/mail/webmaster are sended to 
> the "evolution mail" via pop protocol.
> Any idea?
> If you could weaste some time with me, I be very gratefully for it!!
> Thanks a lot,
> Maria
> maria.freixes_graells at alcatel.es escribió:
>> Hello people!!
>> First, thanks very much to Ejay Hire and to John Peacock for your 
>> quickly answer!!
>> Now, I've dovecot installed, I downloaded the source and I compiled 
>> them. It's running ok now.
>> But.....as I am new in all these issues I have some problems with the 
>> configuration.
>> I have a user called "webmaster" that have a mail into 
>> /var/spool/mail, I want to redirect these mails to the "Evolution 
>> Mail" program from my Linux Desktop.
>> I have doubts in two ways:
>> 1.- Is the dovecot.conf file correct?
>> 2.- Are the "Evolution Mail" setting correct?
>> Evolution Account Settings:
>> Name: webmaster at bar.ses.alcatel.es
>> Full Name: webmaster
>> Email Address: webmaster at bar.ses.alcatel.es
>> Server Type: POP
>> Host:
>> Username: webmaster
>> Server Type: SMTP
>> Server Configuration:

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