[Dovecot] Connection to server time out when deleting (moving to Trash)

John and Catherine Allen allen at vo.lu
Fri Nov 24 22:42:10 UTC 2006

Dirk Essl wrote:
> Can anyone pls test, if dovecot behaves the same on your system?
> I think I'm not even able to delete 1000 messages in a row.
I'm wondering if I have a similar problem.

Dovecot 1.0rc14 on Linux (old Gentoo setup with a 2.4.30 kernel)
ext3 filesystem with dir_indexes
Single user system, 500 Mhz Via CPU, 256MB RAM
Client is Thunderbird, timeout set to 600 seconds

I've been trying to reorganise some old mailboxes with 20000-30000 messages, but every 
time I try to delete more than a few hundred messages at a time, I get - after 30-60 
seconds (approx) - a "server error" message from  Thunderbird.


John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg
allen at vo.lu

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