[Dovecot] POP3 && Folders

Anand Buddhdev arb at anand.org
Tue Nov 28 09:40:10 UTC 2006

Timothy White wrote:

> I'm sure this has come up on the list before...
> I have a number of accounts normally only accessed via IMAP, and for
> this reason, there is a global sieve script for all users (also
> required for the spam filtering). What this means though, is that ever
> users has 3-4 set folders, that are forced on.
> I now have a few users that want to use POP3. Is there a way to make
> it download all messages, in all folders, rather than just the inbox?
> I'm using Maildir's

You could write a wrapper for the POP3 service, which gathers all the
messages in the folders, and puts them into the INBOX before invoking the
POP3 daemon. A shell script would probably be sufficient.


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