[Dovecot] lmtp: help needed

Leonardo Lanzi leonardo.lanzi at fi.infn.it
Wed Nov 29 17:59:55 UTC 2006

Hi all,

parsing the mailing list archive, it seems that the lmtp-server will not
be developed soon, so I'm looking for someone that could help me in
writing one, even if not the best one. That's why:

I've just started to study dovecot, as I was recruited, just about
forced, to help The System Manager of our University in the global
e-mail migration - more than 37'000 users, 440 mailing lists, everything
synchronized with administrative databases and so on - from open-vms
(yes... you have not sight problems: OpenVMS ... please don't blame us).

In particular, we have (we'd like so much) to directly deliver from a
front-end load-balanced anti-spam&virus all "good" messages into
maildirs, updating at the same time the indexes for dovecot.
Our idea is to write an lmtp, possibly not from scratch; we have already
a threaded server, recently born as a raw smtp server to test the
antivirus and antispam system under heavy load (before to start the
migration), that can be converted to lmtp protocol, but we lack of
information on the dovecot API for delivering in a "dovecot-way".
As often occurs, we have not months to get it done, therefore _any_ kind
of suggestion will be very much appreciated.

Thank you all for the help, and patience!
Leonardo Lanzi
Department of Physics - University of Florence - Italy

PS - Examples of help:
1. "The code is self-explaining, but obviously you're too old to learn:
 accept to be in the mist, and switch to cyrus"
2. "the following n-functions ... of deliver can accept your data from
memory and do all the job"
3. "I've already done everything, download it at the following url..."
3a. "I've already done everything, but you must send me, _before_, your
smtp stressing server, or all your tests on latency of irq handlers with
2.6 kernel, or at least one 18-year-old scottish-malt-whisky bottle!"

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