[Dovecot] considering dovecot

Ejay Hire ehire at cbrweb.com
Wed Nov 29 19:11:53 UTC 2006

Sure.  The trick is in getting the message to the  Autoresponder system.
This can be done by the delivery agent (maildrop), or further upstream in
the MTA.  I use Postfix as my MTA.  When I receive a message via smtp, it
(pipes it through a virus filter) (pipes it through a spam filter) and drops
the message in the maildir.  It also "forks" the message, sending a copy to
YAA!.  YAA runs it's own little pseudo smtp server, and recieves the message
from postfix. (on port 3333 I think..).  Then Yaa looks at the rcpt to,
looks it up in the database, and generates the vacation message.  If no
vacation message exists, the message is discarded.


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On Nov 29, 2006, at 10:09 AM, Ejay Hire wrote:

> I use YAA!  (yet another autoresponder) to handle vacation messages,, 
> but I feel the system could be made more efficient.

Could you give me an overview of how your setup works using YAA? I can't
seem to wrap my brain around how you would do something like this in a
dovecot environment.

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