[Dovecot] Quota's with Thunderbird

Richard Mayhew - Nashua Mobile Broadband Division richardm at nashuamobile.com
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Richard Mayhew - Nashua Mobile Broadband Division wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know how to get Thunderbird to correctly report the 
> mailbox quota's? I know Dovecot is correctly enforcing the quotas on 
> the mailbox when using Thunderbird, but Thunderbird reports that the 
> "server does not support quota's" when trying to view the usage? Is 
> Thunderbird expecting something different?
> Viewing the mailbox through Squirelmail, the quota's are reported 
> correctly, so I would thnk that Thunderbird is where the problem lies.
> Regards
> Richard


 make sure that you have both 'quota = ' and 'imap_quota = ' in your
imap plugins definitions in dovecot's configuration.

--> I have set in the protocol configuration declaration for IMAP,
'mail_plugins = quota imap_quota', Would this be the only place or are
you referring to somewhere lese as well? The MySQL lookup also (using
debug) returns the correct quota information back to DoveCot, so it just
seems that Thunderbird is expecting something different.

Also, it would definitely help to give us specifics of your
configuration. (i.e. which version of dovecot, on what operating system,

--> Sorry its, RedHat ES4, DoveCot ...RC15, Anything specific?

you should also double-check to make sure that your squirrelmail plugin
isn't directly looking at disk quotas as opposed to grabbing the quota
information via IMAP. (check_quota does this)

--> I use the plugin quota_check which retrieves the quota information
directly from the IMAP server.

the easiest way to determine if dovecot is actually supporting quotas is
to telnet to your dovecot machine on port 143 and then after connecting

1 capability

(after it outputs the capabilities that dovecot has, you can then type
"2 logout" to exit)

it should have "QUOTA" in the list somewhere (likely towards the end)

---> Yup I have it in the output described.

I know the quota's are enforced though all the mail cliets I use, as the
tests I performed, ie saving a large mail as a draft etc.

if it doesn't there is a problem with the quota support compiled into

hope this helps

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