[Dovecot] Mail Answered status flag in pine stopped working in rc19

Carl Mason --- Director Demography Lab carlm at demog.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 1 01:25:08 UTC 2007

The Flag indicating that a message has been Answered  does not work in
pine. The  status flags for New and Deleted work as always. The Answered 
flag worked properly in dovecot 0.99, but after upgrading to 1.0rc19 it 
stopped working.  Interestingly, mail that was answered before upgrading 
to rc19 still shows the proper flag.

I have tried with mbox_dirty_syncs turned on and off and I have tried 
putting "flags" in mail_cache_fields.  Obviously I am wandering in the 

Here is the setup:

pine 4.64
dovecot 1.0rc19 (installed from rpm dovecot-1.0-2_40.rc19.el4.at.i386.rpm)
Centos 4.4.2

mail_location = 

Inbox is NFS mounted, INDEX is on local disk


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