[Dovecot] read/unread flags broken in rc19 ?

lenny at edpausa.com lenny at edpausa.com
Thu Feb 1 01:56:31 UTC 2007

same here. rc19 on solaris 9. sparc. read/unread/replied flags disappear,
reappear and don't work. test in tbird and squirrel.

> I'm posting to relate that on debian unstable dovecot imap 1.0rc19 I'm
> experiencing exactly the same as seen on this thread:
> http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2007-January/018937.html
> All mail dating from last sunday (only that day it seems) gets reset to
> unread after I mark them as read after a period of time. This with
> thunderbird.
> Thanks for any help on this topic :)
> --
> Stéphane Epardaud

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