[Dovecot] mail_log plugin, log throttling and killing of the IMAP child.

Tan Shao Yi tansy at pacific.net.sg
Thu Feb 1 04:12:18 UTC 2007


Just a quick check, was wondering if anyone is experiencing problems 
mass deleting/purging mails from a folder?

I am on RC19 with the mail_log plugin enabled. Quite often, when a mass 
deletion/purge is attempted, we receive the following message in the 
dovecot logs:

dovecot: Feb 01 11:36:27 Error: IMAP(userid): Sending log messages too 
fast, throttling..

Sometimes this is accompanied by a message like the following and the 
user will be prompted with an error message saying that the connection has 
been abruptly terminated.

dovecot: Feb 01 11:34:41 Error: child 3908 (imap) killed with signal 11

Is anyone experencing similar behaviour?

Tan Shao Yi

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