[Dovecot] Multiple Trash patch for DSPAM plugin

Hugo Monteiro hugo.monteiro at fct.unl.pt
Thu Feb 1 13:22:36 UTC 2007

Hello all,

First of all my respects to Johannes for the nice dspam plugin he created.

Unfortunatly i got stuck with a problem in that same plugin since it 
didn't allow the use of more than one Trash folder. That can be an issue 
if you have a wide variety of clients working in a wide variety of 
languages. Not all use the english "Trash" for that folder.

I've written a small patch to accomodate that situation and it's working 
just fine for me. I'm submitting it in the hope that it can be usefull 
to others.

Hope it's usefull for others too.


Hugo Monteiro.

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Hugo Monteiro
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