[Dovecot] Planning a dovecot deployment: issues and questions

FiL fil at kpoxa.org
Fri Feb 2 03:53:24 UTC 2007

I have 2+Gb mailboxes (mbox format) with my dovecot-1.0-0.beta8.2.fc5.
Works fine.


Jens Knoell wrote:
> In all honesty, that's what we used before as well. The main issue I 
> had with that setup were waaaay too many support calls because people 
> could not figure out why they were not able to store mails AND 
> subfolders in any folder. I've only actually switched to maildir a few 
> weeks ago after some testing. Not sure if that limitation on mbox 
> still exists in current Dovecot though - haven't tried.
> Jen

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