[Dovecot] Strange Error in RC19

Jay Chandler chandler.lists at chapman.edu
Fri Feb 2 17:02:58 UTC 2007

Jay Chandler wrote:
> Drops IMAP connection when a particular user's "Sent" folder is 
> opened.  Does this mean that the sent folder is potentially corrupted?
> Feb  2 10:14:57 MyBox dovecot: IMAP(WhinyUserDuJour): file 
> mbox-sync-rewrite.c: line 404 (mbox_sync_read_and_move): assertion 
> failed: (need_space == (uoff_t)-mails[idx].space)
Well, as root I can't even delete said file, so there's something going 
on that probably doesn't involve Dovecot.  Sorry for the false alarm...

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