[Dovecot] Big problems after upgrade from beta8 (FC5) to rc21

Jim Garrison jhg at jhmg.net
Mon Feb 5 18:55:09 UTC 2007

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 5.2.2007, at 20.09, Jim Garrison wrote:
>>> dovecot: Feb 05 09:54:30 Error: POP3(user at mydomain.com):
>>> open(/var/mail/vhosts/mydomain.com/david/user, O_CREAT) failed: Not a
>>> directory
> .
>>     args = uid=502 gid=502 home=/var/mail/vhosts/%d
>> mail=mbox:/var/mail/vhosts/%d/%n
> So, I'm assuming that "david" is an mbox file, and not a directory?
> Yes, the mail setting changed a bit. It no longer tries to guess what
> you meant by /var/mail/vhosts/%d/%n.
> Umm.. Did the previous setup really actually work without constant
> errors in the logs? Because it looks like the index files were created
> for /var/mail/vhosts/%d/.imap/ directory, and if there were multiple
> users for a domain they'd conflict with each others. This is one
> reason why the change was made, to fix setups which appeared to work
> but didn't really work all that great :)
> So the mail= setting needs to be:
> mail=<user-specific-directory>:INBOX=/var/mail/vhosts/%d/%n
> If you really don't want a user-specific directory, see the bottom of
> http://wiki.dovecot.org/MailLocation

Ah, now I think I see.

  userdb static {
    args = uid=502 gid=502 home=/var/mail/vhosts/%d/%n

Am I correct in stating that the 'home' parameter will cause the indexes to
be placed in /var/mail/vhosts/%d/%n/.imap/INBOX (one for each user) and the
mail itself is in an mbox file named /var/mail/vhosts/%d/%n/mail?

The index conflict you describe also explains the problem I was
having with duplicate emails (mbox sync: UID inserted in the middle of

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