[Dovecot] POP3 UIDL

Benjamin Dabelow dabelow at tuxoft.de
Wed Feb 7 16:08:33 UTC 2007

FiL schrieb:
> Timo Sirainen wrote:
>>> Well, you're right that %m doesn't work with maildir. The biggest
>>> reason is that as far as I know there is no other POP3 server that
>>> uses MD5 headers for POP3 UIDLs
> What about mbox 2 Maildir migration? It would be nice to keep UIDs if
> you do one.

You could use pop3_reuse_xuidl, to keep UIDLs, but I think popa3d
doesn't support adding X-UIDL header.

> Unfortunately popa3d uses a bit different MD5 sum, than dovecot, so it
> doesn't help me in any way.

There is a patch for that, though I am not sure it will apply cleanly to
current dovecot.

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