[Dovecot] Folders compat. problem ?

Benjamin Dabelow dabelow at tuxoft.de
Wed Feb 7 16:18:36 UTC 2007

Frank Bonnet schrieb:
> A folder created monthes ago with mozilla mail (windows client) became
> suddenly invisible when I stopped UW then started Dovecot.
> I really think that IMAP created folders a fully compatibles between
> UW and Dovecot but I'm curious to know from where does come this trouble
> ???

Dovecot uses a different file name for it's subscriptions file. UW IMAP:
.mailboxlist, Dovecot: .subscriptions This could cause folders to
disappear if the client is set to show only subscribed folders.

For other UW IMAP => Dovecot migration hints see:


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