[Dovecot] why is there email in my mbox file?

Jochen Schulz ml at well-adjusted.de
Thu Feb 8 09:35:32 UTC 2007

Kendall Shaw:
> I expected dovecot to take the mail out of the mbox file and put it
> somewhere.

Why should it do this? Dovecot normally tries to automatically detect
where your mailboxes are and if it finds them in one of the usual places
(for example your /var/mail/user) it uses this location.

> But, I see there's a big mbox file (/var/mail/me) that
> keeps growing. Is dovecot using that as the store of messages?

Probably. Why don't you take a look?

> If I were to move to using maildir instead of mbox, what is
> going to happen to my existing mail?

Nothing. You would have to move your mboxes to maildir yourself.  You
can use programs like mb2md to do that.

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