[Dovecot] I wrote a managesieve server for Dovecot

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Feb 8 22:53:45 UTC 2007

Neale Pickett schrieb:
> I have written a managesieve server from scratch in Python.  I did just enough 
> work to get it working with avelsieve (the squirrelmail plugin), smartsieve, 
> and KDE's sieve kioplugin.  It supports the entire Internet draft.  Since I 
> didn't have a working sieve server to compare against, I'm not sure if it's 
> 100% compatible with timsieved.  Client applications seem to work okay 
> anyway.
> I wrote it in such a way as to decouple how authentication is carried out and 
> how sieve scripts are actually stored, so you could for instance modify this 
> to work with SASL and Exim.  Currently it only has code for PAM and Dovecot's 
> LDA, because I run Postfix :).  TLS support is in the code but disabled 
> because I had problems writing a unit test for it.  All my connections are 
> from localhost anyway.
> http://woozle.org/~neale/repos/pysieved if anyone is interested.
> I haven't looked closely at Stephan Bosch's managesieve server in C but I do 
> want to acknowledge that he has written a C managesieve server that currently 
> exists as a patch to the Dovecot source code.  People looking for a 
> managesieve implementation in C are encouraged to try his patch out: 
> http://sinas.rename-it.nl/~sirius/
> Neale
Hi Neale,
thx for programming this ,
i was waiting along time for this i will try it soon on some test server
stay tuned for the results

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Best Regards

Robert Schetterer


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