[Dovecot] Reproducible duplicate messages bug with Mail.app+Dovecot / may imap bug from mail apple

Glenn Leavell glenn at usg.edu
Sun Feb 11 21:18:13 UTC 2007

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 11:24:50AM -0800, Andrew Moran wrote:

> On Feb 10, 2007, at 4:30 PM, Robert Schetterer wrote:
> >
> >Hi Andrew,
> >
> >i investigated the imap bugs from apple mail app with google
> >trough the years, and i saw there was  no version without a bug with
> >imap, so i speculate its not dovecot what does something wrong here
> >
> Oh I have no doubt that Apple's Mail.app is very buggy, but I submit  
> a bug to them which only happens with dovecot IMAP server, I'm sure  
> they are going to be quick to blame dovecot rather than investigate  
> it fully.   This is why I was hoping that someone on this list who  
> has Mail.app and Dovecot can (a) verify that it is happening for them  
> (it's 100% reproducible to me) and (b) figure out exactly what's  
> going on, at least to the point of knowing it's Mail.app's fault and  
> not something Dovecot is doing, or a combination of both (such as  
> dovecot doing something other IMAP servers don't and Mail.app  
> misinterpreting it).

For Dovecot to completely delete a message, your client has to both:

1. Use the STORE command to tell Dovecot to flag the message as deleted
2. Use the EXPUNGE command to tell Dovecot to actually remove deleted messages

So, it might be useful to start by looking at exactly what underlying IMAP
commands your client is sending to Dovecot.  One way to do this is by using
Dovecot's "rawlog" feature, which will log the IMAP conversation in a
directory called $HOME/dovecot.rawlog if it exists.  In order to activate
rawlog, you can use the mail_executable setting in dovecot.conf.  More
information about that is here:


So, after taking a look at the protocol conversation, you may be able to
submit a bug to Apple by demonstrating that the client isn't sending the
appropriate IMAP commands for what you're asking the client to do.

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