[Dovecot] dead bodies stacking up in Drafts folder

Charles Bueche charles at bueche.ch
Mon Feb 12 08:38:02 UTC 2007


Setup : Apple Mail 2.1.1 (752.3) on Intel MacBook Pro and Dovecot  
1.0rc22 on Solaris 9/SPARC. I use IMAP/TLS.

Problem : mails are stacking up in the Drafts folder.

When I start writing a mail, it appears in the drafts folder, and  
usually disappear as desired when I hit "Send". It then appear in the  
"Sent" folder.

Sometimes, a draft versions stays in "Drafts", I have 21 of them  
since 1.1.2007. In this period, I have written about 400 emails, so  
only about 5 % stick in "Drafts".

I can of course periodically select and delete them, but I don't like  
such glitches. Never sure if emails are really sent.

Advice welcome. I'm the Solaris packager and admin so I can test  
things if needed.

Sorry if it's a known Apple Mail issue, I would be the one to beat  
for using closed-source stuff :-)


Charles Bueche <charles at bueche.ch>
sand, snow, wave, wind and net -surfer
A-Cat SUI 192

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