[Dovecot] dovecot and libnss-ldap

Nicolas Boullis nicolas.boullis at ecp.fr
Mon Feb 12 15:19:41 UTC 2007


I've been using dovecot 0.99.14 for a few years, with libpam-ldap and
libnss-ldap, and never experienced any problem with those. I expect to
soon switch to dovecot 1.0rc15 (or whatever gets available in Debian
Etch, hopefuly dovecot 1.0), but I've seen some warnings against

Is the problem with libnss-ldap a recent problem (I mean it was not a
problem with older dovecot such as my 0.99.14)? Is it still a problem
even with 1.0rc22? Is there any hope to have it fixed before 1.0?

Note that while most of the users I have to deal with are in my LDAP
directory, a few ones are not and are in /etc/passwd. Hence, "userdb
ldap" is probably not an option for me (and I'm quite happy with
configuring all my servers with PAM and NSS).



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