[Dovecot] dead bodies stacking up in Drafts folder

Kenny Dail kend at amigo.net
Mon Feb 12 20:33:47 UTC 2007

> Hi,
> Setup : Apple Mail 2.1.1 (752.3) on Intel MacBook Pro and Dovecot  
> 1.0rc22 on Solaris 9/SPARC. I use IMAP/TLS.
> Problem : mails are stacking up in the Drafts folder.
> When I start writing a mail, it appears in the drafts folder, and  
> usually disappear as desired when I hit "Send". It then appear in the  
> "Sent" folder.
> Sometimes, a draft versions stays in "Drafts", I have 21 of them  
> since 1.1.2007. In this period, I have written about 400 emails, so  
> only about 5 % stick in "Drafts".
> I can of course periodically select and delete them, but I don't like  
> such glitches. Never sure if emails are really sent.

Apple Mail will auto-save messages to the drafts folder if you idle too
long while composing. This could also happen if the computer goes to
sleep. I know of no way to disable this. However, there is an option in
the preferences on the accounts tab under mailbox behaviors to save it
to the server, you could disable that.
Kenny Dail <kend at amigo.net>

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