[Dovecot] MD5-CRYPT passwords in a MySQL Database

Benjamin Dabelow dabelow at tuxoft.de
Tue Feb 13 08:30:28 UTC 2007

Hi David,

David Mills schrieb:
> I'm currently migrating from a /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow based
> configuration to a MySQL based one using dovecot 99.14 on debian sarge.
> The problem is that the /etc/shadow containes both DES encoded (Crypt)
> and md5 based passwords. I've set the default system to be Crypt, and
> have added {MD5-CRYPT} in front of the md5 passwords in place of the $1$
> header found in /etc/shadow. But I can only log in on accounts that have
> DES based passwords.
> I've included my dovecot configuration, and below are 2 examples of
> encoded password, one crypt and one MD5:
> XalGYN3cy1crA                            

I think you should leave the $1$ header in place and handle them like
any crypt password. The crypt format will be automaticaly detected. (At
least this ist works for LDAP.)


Benjamin Dabelow                      dabelow at tuxoft.de
Offenburger Str. 29                   tuxoft.de
69126 Heidelberg

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