[Dovecot] Dovecot forward problems

Venilton Junior venilton.junior at sercompe.com.br
Thu Feb 15 19:42:51 UTC 2007

Hi Folks,


I setted up a mail server based on this how-to


All things are working thing as you can see in my server log. Off
course, that I've suppressed some informations.


postfix/smtpd[16483]: connect from unknown[myip]

postfix/smtpd[16483]: 62C9034002: client=unknown[myip]

postfix/cleanup[16777]: 62C9034002:
message-id=<20070215182523.62C9034002 at mysmtpserver>

postfix/qmgr[16457]: 62C9034002: from=<me at domain>, size=360, nrcpt=1
(queue active)

dovecot: auth(default_with_listener): master in: USER     1
user at domain        service=deliver

dovecot: auth(default_with_listener): ldap(user at domain): user search:
base=dc=example,dc=com scope=subtree
filter=(&(objectClass=VirtualMailAccount)(mail=user at domain)(accountActiv
e=TRUE)(delete=FALSE)) fields=mail,homeDirectory

dovecot: auth(default_with_listener): master out: USER    1
user at domain        uid=202 gid=202

deliver(user at domain): msgid=<20070215182523.62C9034002 at mysmtpserver>:
saved mail to INBOX

postfix/pipe[16785]: 62C9034002: to=<user at domain>, relay=dovecot,
delay=12, status=sent (domain)

postfix/qmgr[16457]: 62C9034002: removed


This log is showing that a message was delivered to an user at my
mailserver. But, at this time, I've tried to test forwarding features of

I've setted up this user entry (forwardActive=TRUE) in my ldap server.


Here follows some entries that I put at my main.cf


# Accounts

accounts_server_host = $ldap_server_host

accounts_search_base = $ldap_search_base

accounts_query_filter =

accounts_result_attribute = mailbox

accounts_cache = no


virtual_transport = dovecot

virtual_mailbox_base = /var/lib/imap/vmail/domains

virtual_mailbox_maps = ldap:accounts

virtual_mailbox_domains = ldap:domains

virtual_minimum_uid = 202

virtual_uid_maps = static:202

virtual_gid_maps = static:202

virtual_alias_maps = ldap:aliases, ldap:virtualforward

home_mailbox = Maildir/


# aliases

aliases_server_host = $ldap_server_host

aliases_search_base = $ldap_search_base

aliases_query_filter =

aliases_result_attribute = maildrop

aliases_cache = no

aliases_bind_dn = $ldap_bind_dn

aliases_bind_pw = $ldap_bind_pw


accountsmap_server_host = $ldap_server_host

accountsmap_search_base = $ldap_search_base

accountsmap_query_filter =

accountsmap_result_attribute = mail

accountsmap_cache = no


# Domains

domains_server_host = $ldap_server_host

domains_search_base = $ldap_search_base

domains_query_filter =

domains_result_attribute = vd

domains_bind = no

domains_scope = one


# VirtualForward

virtualforward_server_host = $ldap_server_host

virtualforward_search_base = $ldap_search_base

virtualforward_query_filter =

virtualforward_result_attribute = maildrop

virtualforward_cache = no

virtualforward_bind_dn = $ldap_bind_dn

virtualforward_bind_pw = $ldap_bind_pw


Any guesses or misconfiguration?


I don't have an idea of how can I debug to get the error.


Looking forward to get some clues and helps :P


Best Regards


Venilton C. Junior


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