[Dovecot] Is it 1.0 yet?

Troy Engel tengel at fluid.com
Thu Feb 15 19:45:00 UTC 2007

Matthias Andree wrote:
> So the result will be a huge merging headache when all the remaining 1.0
> bugfixes need to be forward ported. Particularly with inferior merging
> systems such as CVS, it's going to be a lot of maintenance overhead
> without guarantees of getting it right.

It doesn't have to be that way -- merging *is* a pain with CVS, I think 
we all agree. Instead what our guys do is keep two checked out branches 
of code, and any bugfix patches get committed to both branches (where 
appropriate) at the same time. It may seem like more work, but actually 
results in less errors and you never have to merge.

I colloquially refer to this as 'branch and forget' for any better 
explanation - no merge will ever happen.


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